Laura Palmer

“Where are you going, Laura?” “Nowhere… fast. And you’re not coming…”



… I am more distanced towards people in general and thus by not being so directly and immediately affect by most people in my day to day interactions, I can be more or less forgiving of them. All of this started in me when I was in my early adolescence at a moment when I noticed that I was surrounded by ”ghosts” and that there was not much I could do about it really. Over a short period of time, I more or less rearranged myself and my expectations as best I could and got on with living even if it be living among ghosts. Later I read a passage remarkably similar to my perception in one of Kerouac’s books and somehow this helped me get over some extremely rough spots. Nowadays, I can and do feel my own humanity and my deepest connections to one and all. But it’s quite often abstract and is always tenuous. Everything is fleeting and tenuous of course…  ​

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